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Since ancient times to the present day, the Black Moon has a very important place in Astrology and secret sciences. In past eras, the black magicians who were interested in the secret sciences did their spells according to the zodiac of the months which Saturn and Mars were included in.  According to the beliefs, the most effective power of the Black Moon is only to be seen when Saturn and Mars are in conjunction or at the opposing viewpoint. When the black Moon is in conjunction with Mars, sexual spells were cast. A woman who is rejected by the man she loves would wait for the black moon to be in the zodiac of Aries or for Mars to conjunct with the black moon. When the black Moon enters Scorpio, the most powerful intimacy spells were cast. When the black Moon enters Aries, a woman who is in love, would use magic spells or get others to cast magic spells on the man that she loves to make him attracted to her. The perspectives of the black Moon on Mars and of Saturn, takes the will of those who are known to be the enemy; their authority is reduced and their health is taken away from them by the power of spells. The Black Moon is related to hidden, unknown, unseen superhuman powers. It carries Mars and Saturn’s negative energies. The Black Moon’s name in hidden sciences is the Queen of Darkness. Today the Black Moon is considered to be Pluto’s female. It is strong in the zodiac of Cancer. In the second degree of Cancer and in the zodiac of Scorpio it is harmful. In the star sign Pisces it appears to cause nightmares and make vaguely fantasies to appear. Aries and Scorpio, shows racy dreams. In the zodiac of Virgo it causes a loss of an organ due to surgery. In the sign of Gemini, it causes honour Killings and instability between relatives. The Black Moon transits, the fifth and eleventh crossing Mars and Saturn’s square and opposing perspectives on the transition poses; refers to miscarriages in pregnant women. The Black Moon’s natal chart can be evaluated according the viewpoints of the homes which it falls into, the horoscopes, planets and houses. There are secrets and fears about the household according to which home the Black Moon’s natal chart has fallen into. According to the esoteric knowledge, Sumerian women nuns would submit their offerings to the Black Moon fairy to protect against negative energies of the Black Moon.  These offerings were such as red and black coloured dresses, mint, lavender plants, basil plants, goats, owls and bats. According to such beliefs, the Black Moon fairy loved the colours red and black. But when the Black Moon fairy saw the combination of the colours red and yellow the fairy would get scared and run away. The Black Moon fairy would sometimes be seen in a red dress and sometimes with a black dress. The Black Moon fairy had long red nails, red lips and had hair which was so long and silvery-black.  The fairy was sometimes seen in a black dress and sometimes in a red dress. With the fairy’s beauty men would fall in love with her.  The fairy would enter the dreams of men show them erotic dreams. The men who were strongly influenced by the Black Moon these dreams would often appear. The Black Moon Fairy would sometimes appear in a horrific way. The fairy would be seen with long black claws, black dress, black long unkempt hair; one leg would be in the form of a snake’s body and sometimes from waist down her body would appear to be a snake also. The Black Moon fairy would try to scare women who had recently given birth and newborn children. She would cause pregnant women to have a miscarriage. This belief has arrived to the present from the Sumerians. In Middle Eastern countries, this belief is still acknowledged in the Turkish and Jewish cultures. Another name given to the Black Moon is the Red Wife. A woman who had just given birth would keep a blade next to her and a yellow and red coloured cloth. According to popular belief, the Black Moon, also known as the Red wife, is frightened of blades and from the red colour mixed with yellow and would run away when these colours and objects were to be around. Like the people affected by Pluto, the Black Moon also has the same effect on people; such as cravings to eat yogurt and drink milk at unusual hours of the night. They are pomegranate and fig lovers, and gravitate to such fruits, including prickly pears. These people feel an attraction which is irresistible to the colours red and black.  Their clothes, possessions and cars are chosen from the colours red and black. They love the scents of mint, basil and lavender.  People affected by the Black Moon and Pluto can be identified by a birthmark, scar and mole on the sexual organs.  However, this sign is usually a mole.  These people have a special interest in fig and pomegranate trees. They feel a spiritual happiness sitting under a fig or the pomegranate tree. Insofar as animals are concerned, they have a weird attraction to snakes. They love the colours red and black. Yet, they show more interest in the yellow black, yellow brown and green red colour combinations. They have a tendency to look at the mirror often. On the other hand, they have a propensity to look at the mirror at night more often. When they look at the mirror they feel a bizarre and spiritual attraction which they cannot understand. They are scared but still look.  They sense as if they are going to see something in the mirror.  In the birth charts if the Black Moon has fallen into a star sign with the element of water, they see images of the unknown realm in the mirror. Many secrets are witnessed. As a child they whistled a lot. They would play by themselves alone and are quiet in their own right. The people who are affected by the Black Moon are more sensitive. They are interested in deep, hidden and secret sciences. They are knowledgeable about the hidden secrets and deep knowledge of the unknown. Like the Air element constellations, they are not interested in the sky. Their main interests concerns what is beneath the ground. They understand human psychology very well.  Whether people want to be with them or not, their presence still makes them happy. The anger and hatred of these people are very dangerous. They will never forget the spitefulness that has been done to them. They do not forgive betrayal. They are likely to give the penalty of betrayal in their own way. The love they have is not an ordinary love. If they have truly loved, they would love them to death. Their romances is a fiery, destructive, honourable and passionate love. They live their love in places which are hidden and where others cannot find them with passion and desire. With effectual looks, they can descend to the depths of the soul of the person in front of them. Nobody can fool these people. They can understand when someone is untruthful to them. They can find secrets. Expertly manage their business in secret. They show weakness in getting involved with illegal issues. Such people affected by the Black Moon may find that they suffer from waist, feet, eye pains and headaches.  Men are likely to suffer suffer from sexual diseases and women suffer can suffer from uterine problems. The women who are affected by the Black Moon have miscarriages on purpose. When they become pregnant these women voluntarily end their pregnancy. In later years, when they want to have children, it is difficult for them to become pregnant. Sometimes the pregnancies which are terminated cause regret and a guilty conscience later in the future. These women did not take precautions before their unwanted pregnancies. The damage they give themselves causes thinning of the uterine wall which becomes slippery.The negative influences of the Black Moon can be seen in the harmful effects it has  on women who are pregnant, who have recently given birth and new born babies.

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