In ancient civilizations a lot of importance was given in moles, birthmarks and facial and hand lines. Nowadays, looking at the hand lines and telling the future, still maintains its popularity. Such as hand lines, facial lines, facial scars, birthmarks and moles on the body carry meaning. These people who are looking at moles on the body, birthmarks, and hand and facial lines analyze the character and make predictions for the future. They knew the planets and the constellations as stars. Each star carried secrets about its nature. These people from ancient civilizations believed that the birth scars, birthmarks and moles on the body were a sign of the stars. The mole close to your abdomen represents Mercury. If you carry the sign of Mercury you are smart, talented, intelligent, resourceful and agile. You like Cleanliness. You are rigorous, organized and diligent. Your mind, intelligence, and will are strong.  At the same time you have the power to  two jobs. You give importance to your health, your cleanliness and your dress style. In your soul you have a secret power to communicate with living beings. You can communicate with humans and animals without talking. You know  goes through one’s mind. You understand the need of the animals. Your power of communication with Living organisms is very strong. You get along very nicely with your aunts from both your mothers and fathers side of the family. In your work life you are meticulous, hard-working, practical and disciplined. You are an employer and you have a disciplinary rule against your employees. You are honest against them. You would not take away anybody’s rights.  If you are an employee alongside someone else you are, respectful, honest and understanding towards your boss. You satisfied with your boss and your boss is pleased with you. However even though it is very rare this may not always be the case. You may have two jobs. You may work together with the older generation in your family. You might be in control of a business which has been left to you from your family. When it comes down to the topic of your health, you must be cautious to your organs in your abdomen.  Especially be cautious with your intestines. Lazy bowel and constipation may cause you many problems. If your mole is a little dark it indicates kidney disorders. If your mole is slight angular even though it is very rare it refers to the loss of organs due to a surgery. Some of you people know the secret of the plants very well. When these people are sick they heal themselves with plants. An alternative form of treatment, it is always your area of interest. If your mole is under belly you will get married to someone who you were introduced to by a not so close relative, close acquaintances or youngest family member. You will experience a temporary separation from your partner due to work and travel. Then later on you will be together again. If you are a woman, you’ll see a friend’s hostility. This person who was your friend before later on becomes your enemy.  You need to be very careful with your friendships with women. You should be very cautious with a person if they have a mole on their face, which is engaged in secret affairs and who is someone who loves the colours red and black. Be careful with traffic, roads, fire, and with your relationship with relatives. During your pregnancies you may experience pregnancies with no results. Some of you people may have narrow and lazy tubes. As you abandon all your hopes, you are delighted with the herald of an unexpected pregnancy. The chance of having two homes further away from the city and the place where you were born is high. You like to live in the countryside. Having a pet in your home makes you happy. When it comes down to the topic of health, please pay more attention to your feet. You may experience varicose vein problems in the future. Your business does not go well you are irritable, restless and unhappy. Because of this you make yourself ill. If the colour of your mole is light, whatever age you may be, you will never show your age. You carry a childlike spirit. You are quick-witted, and jumpy. When you were very little the elders in your family realized your ability in writing and reading. Whatever age you may be at you are always different from the people in your age group. You learn everything easily. With the topics you have learned, you educate others. Exchange of information will makes you happy. You love exchange of information so much that when information is shared you believe it is valued. The bearers of the sign of Jupiter think like you. If you are a writer or a researcher you need to protect your works in advance against plagiarism. You are the owner of books explaining deep sciences and ancient information. You are connected to these books with a spiritual bond. You value and protect your books. Those who are the bearers of the signs of Mercury and Jupiter; should not give away as a gift or lend their books which they value and have spiritual bonds with anyone. You think that a book is a beautiful and precious gift.  When buying the book, you should buy it on behalf of the person you are going to gift it to and give the gift on their behalf.  Knowledge is power for you. Your writing is your most powerful weapon that can wound your enemies’ right from their hearts. You should sometimes be careful, because you can turn that weapon onto yourself. When you are right you may be put into an unfair situation. If your mole is dark coloured, you may be in the situation of becoming a criminal of knowledge. You may have legal cases due to injustice. You yourself will save yourself with your expressive language skills and your intelligence. When I researched historical surveys I found out that many writers, science and opinion-makers had been accused with injustice. I examined maps of astrology; I saw that the maps of Mercury and Jupiter were active. Now our topic is not Astrology. What I want to say is that the moles carrying the marks of the stars, people carry the secret of these stars which are represented. In later writings, I will explain the details of the knowledge of Physiognomy. If your mole looks vaguely triangular in shape, your body language is developed. Taking signs from your body, you will help both yourself and your loved ones. When your eyebrows, eyes, lips, cheek and other organs twitch, you have a sense that you will know what is going to happen before it has happened. The mole which has mercuric mark sometimes can be in the hands, shoulders, and arms.

Sifa Avcin




Astrolog: Şifa AVCIN

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