Moles As Sıgns Of Stars Onthe Chest, Dewlap and Chest Area Andon The Back- Part Four



In ancient civilizations a lot of importance was given to moles, birthmarks and facial and hand lines. Nowadays, looking at the hand lines and telling the future, still maintains its popularity. Such as hand lines, facial lines, facial scars, birthmarks and moles on the body carry meaning. People from ancient civilizations who were looking at moles on the body, birthmarks, and hand and facial lines analyzed the character and made predictions for the future. They knew the planets and the constellations as stars. Each star carried secrets about its nature. These people from ancient civilizations believed that the birth scars, birthmarks and moles on the body were a sign of the stars.  If you have moles from birth on your; chest, dewlap, around the dewlap and chest area, and on your back, it means that you are under the influence of the moon. You are variable like the moon. However, you are as the beneficial as the moon. You are Fertile, nourishing, auspicious and affectionate. You have wide hearts. Your heart is pure. Your soul is like a soft ball of love. Your heart wide and is full of love and compassion. Your heart beats for kindness and compassion. Your gentle spirit is filled with compassionate emotions. You want to help everybody and ease them of their duties. People love you. You love them back. You cook nice food. You love to show homage and reverence to your guests. You have a nurturing soul. You are connected to your home. You would like your home be in a place where it oversees water. Watching views of streaming water and the sea makes you happy. The sound of water gives you peace of mind. You know what goes through a person’s mind. Your mole which represents the moon strengthens your intuition. Your hands are Auspicious. What goes around, you will see maximum benefit. You like to save up. You have the properties that come from your family members. In general you will take after your mother, aunt and grandmother. You may have taken after them in character and instinctive habit. When you get older you may have a similar illness as theirs. If you are a woman and your mole, the sign of the moon, is on your dewlap you do not show resentment and your disappointment. Having marriage problems creates deep wounds in your sensitive soul. Your partner tends to be harsh, cold, and distant. Your spouse does not show their love. You are delicate, fragile, and innocent like a little girl. However, your spouse pretends not to understand these emotions. By being patient and faithful you will receive happiness and loyalty. Your illnesses are caused by emotional reasons. You should take precautions in advance against diseases from the cold. You may suffer from stomach problems. If your mole is a square shape and is a dark colour, you have a harsh and disobedient character. You show signs of not being afraid of anyone, cold-blooded, uncaring, and a free-spirited character. A sense of passion in you, puts you in an oppressive and arrogant situation. Your ambition to rise is almost as strong as the passion. If you manage to ascend in honesty, nobody can take you down from your position. If you ascend by oppressing, depressingly, unfairly then you will descend from your position drastically. You are stone-hearted against people and creatures. Even though it is very rare such experiences are the cause. If you have this form of mole, you do not spend your time with people you do not like. By acting cold and unconcerned, you push them away from yourself.  If you are married your partner will be stubborn, disobedient, and ill-tempered. If you are a woman, you might experience misfortune because of another woman. Because of such women, your life and happiness is prevented. In your childhood you would have gone through pain and longing. If you have lost an elder family member you cherished, even though years have gone by you will not forget them. This memory of going through so much pain leaves deep wounds in your heart. If your mole is little and light in colour you are merciful, loving and compassionate. You like to help people. If you have a plump face and are wide-eyed you have a property on your behalf which is immovable. You will have financial gain from Real Estate and food businesses. You give importance to the Society and the rules of society. You will see the love and respect from the society. You should start early on Monday with the important work you need to do. You are a person who has a short attention span and can be influenced by others. If you get distracted you are pensive, delicate, fragile and unstable. The negative energy of the people around you, affect you so much. Therefore, when you start work you experience difficulties, challenges and obstacles. Before you start important jobs because you will feel at unease you will keep away from these people 3 days in advance. You ought to make peace in your soul and your heart. Once you feel confident, start the work that you need to start. You’re Mole, the mark of the Moon, is given the name Kamer by the Arabs and Ottomans. In Arabic and Ottoman Turkish Kamer has the meaning of divine light and to reflect light. The ones who are under the influence of Kamer love the colours white, silver and silvery colours. You prefer pearl, silver, and diamond as Jewellery. With the effects of Kamer they are delicate, fragile and changeable. These people who are patient and compassionate have highly developed senses. Their Spiritual intuition capabilities are powerful. These people have a strong memory. They do not forget the positive and negative events in their past. If they are women they resemble their mothers or aunts. While walking at night, they tend to look behind them and walk. Their Walk is different. They attract attention to their hips and breasts. If the sign of the Moon, the mole is a very light colour, they will marry a man with high dignitaries. They gain a lot of enemies because of their marriage. These enemies are usually women. They gain power from water. If the mole is a dark colour, they should in advance protect themselves against the dangers coming from the water. Their milk is abundant and nutritious. Women who carry the sign of the moon can also breastfeed other children then their own.







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