Ancient civilizations gave a lot of importance to moles, birthmarks, congenital scars, facial and hand lines. Nowadays, looking at the hand lines and telling the future, still maintains its popularity. Facial lines like hand lines, facial scars and moles on the body had a meaning. These people looking at moles on the body, hand and facial lines analyzed individuals character’s and made predictions for the future. They knew the planets and the constellations as stars. Each star carried secrets about its nature. These people from ancient civilizations believed that the scars and moles on the body were a sign of the stars. They believed that, if the mole is on your throat or the nape of your neck, this meant that you are under the influence of planet Venus. For your security and to be able to feel secure, you need the material possessions, such as goods and property. If you are financially stable, and have a good income, you want to have the finest of everything. If your financial situation is not so good, you will work tirelessly for those items that you wish to have. You know the value of money. If someone wants to borrow money from you, you would reply with ‘I have no money’. Thinking that by lending your money you would not receive it back, you don’t easily want to lend money to anyone. But when it comes to good deeds and kindness, you are pleased to spend your money without expecting anything. You tend to love money. You know how money is gained through the challenges. To you, money means confidence. But you gladly spend money to have beautiful possessions.  You are interested in beauty, brighter and red things. Your solid choice is of those which are the brightest and most beautiful. You taste palate, and sensory ability is enhanced. You inclined to eat even when you are not hungry. When you put on weight, you tend to get bigger above your waist. This image on top of skinny legs might not too look nice, nonetheless, you show your strong will in everything. However, it can be said that you might not be so strong willed when it comes to love, sexuality and food. Individuals, who possess above traits, are beautiful eyed and beautiful faced people. With your style, and your impressive speech you will immediately be noticed. You usually have two incomes from two different places. Some of you will have seven immovable possessions at one stage in your lives. You have a strong ability to earn money. You are likely to receive financial gain due to inheritance. You have a great chance of marrying into a rich family. You have the soul of an artisan. You have a God-given ability for the fine arts. Your spouse is likely to have mystical senses. You are likely to have a visible beauty spot or a mole on your face or around your genitals, and very likely to marry a rich widow. Some of you will marry someone with an age difference. As for some of you, after two major separations, you are likely to marry the third person in your life and be happy. Do not show any stubbornness when there is a problem with Family elders and government officials. Everyone knows your famous stubbornness but, this may not always be in your favour. You will fall in love at one stage in your life. However, you may not end up with the love of your life. This pain will create deep wounds in your loving soul. You will suffer a degree of sadness and heartache. You will suffer from this sadenss and heartache like you suffering from incurable illness.  You will bump into your loved one just as you think see you forgotten about them and they will suddenly appears in front of you. But unfortunately the situation may not develop in the way you want it to.


It is advised that you protect your throat, the nape of your neck, and ears. If the mole is a bit dark you will find out that one of the male elders of your family suffered from mumps at a young age and are unable to have kids as a result if it. In later years, though it is very rare, you or some of the men in your family may suffer with such problems too. You appear stern, distant, cold, and selfish. You put up barriers between yourself and other and behave distant from them. You appear serious. This serious appearance you have, might drive people away from you.  You love to be alone. You do not have confidence in anyone. You have little or no friends. You love the rural way of life. You protect your spiritual assets by maintaining them. However you do not show your love and compassion for them. You are cold and distant towards your partner. But to be cold and distant, does not mean you do not love your spouse. You love your spouse by protecting and maintain them. Show your feelings. Not being able to show your feelings stayed with you from childhood. As a young, pure and clean child suffering from physical and moral pain has opened deep wounds in your soul. You could not tell anybody and your emotions and yearnings. Your experiences made you mature ahead of your time.  You do not have confidence in anyone. You are a self-sufficient person. Your struggles are with yourself. Without any support from anyone, collided with the challenges and struggles, with your own will and your own patience you upgraded yourself. Nobody can take you down from the place you have ascended to. What gave you this determination are the sufferings of your past.  You will never forget your past. You know where you came from and where you are going. You do not become spoilt with your position and what you have. You just want to be respected. When it comes to health; you should protect your feet, your back and your skin. You may have ringing in your ears. One of the oldest names of the star of Venus affecting you was the star of Zühre. Ancient civilizations that lived in the past appeared to give a lot importance to this star.  Love, sex, money, goods, beauty, songs, and music are associated with this star.  Ancient civilizations believed venereal diseases were associated to this star. The people who are strongly influenced by the sign of Venus have the mentioned moles, also have artistic skills, and strong love of money and property. These people, are fond of love, and love games. If the mole is darkish then you should be wary of sexually-transmitted diseases. Venus is derived from the name of venereal diseases. However, Venus in the past and present day is known as the star of beauty, love, luck, and fortune. The women affected by the Venus star are beautiful, lovely, elegant and noble. They are well aware of how they would impact the man. In Social environments they are the most noticeable.

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