In ancient civilizations a lot of importance was given in moles, birthmarks and facial and hand lines. Nowadays, looking at the hand lines and telling the future, still maintains its popularity. Such as hand lines, facial lines, facial scars, birthmarks and moles on the body carry meaning. These people who are looking at moles on the body, birthmarks, and hand and facial lines analyze the character and make predictions for the future. They knew the planets and the constellations as stars. Each star carried secrets about its nature. These people from ancient civilizations believed that the birth scars, birthmarks and moles on the body were a sign of the stars. If your mole is just below your chest and on the left hand side, you carry the sign of the sun. Your innate God-given skills include art, music, forward thinking and foreseeing the future. Your noticeable image indicates that is different from others. You have a strong, proud, brave and noble heart. You look at life with happiness. From your heart, your soul, your eyes, streams of life spout. If you are a man you carry the features of masculinity, stamina, and a proud character, you are the most beautiful example of male beauty. Your eyes are like a magnet attracting the opposite sex. You attract the opposite sex. Your dazzling personality, your different life style, your dignity, and your honour will show how different you are. Where you are valued, you’re happy. Where you are happy, you give happiness and protection to those you love like a leader. If you are a female you are impressive, different than everyone, strong, proud, charming and noble. You have an artistic appearance. In social environments you are impressive. You may be an artist, manager, jeweler, athlete and a gambler.  Dealing with beauty and aesthetic affairs appeals to you. You may gain some earnings later on from the hobbies you do to pass the time. You give importance to love. Your heart and your soul are full of love and affection. You both love and are loved. You give importance to romantic love affairs. You love children.  You like being a blonde and also like to make beautiful fluffy hair styles. When it comes to the topic of make-up, you give importance to eye makeup. If are financially stable you would like to own an expensive dazzling, sports car. In your mind you have metallic yellow and gold coloured cars. Sometimes what you want happens and sometimes you make the decision on a red sports car. You love jewelry, jewels and gold. But unfortunately you will lose gold many times. You will have an emotional relationship with a man from countries and cities far away and not from birth of origin. Some of the people among you will go to foreign countries they have never been to.  It also may be in a city far away in the country. Wherever they go, a man they have known plays a major role in this person’s life. If your mole is between your back and the waist, you give importance to spirituality, dream wisdom, knowledge, education, philosophy, and religion. You like long journeys and the rural life. You love animals especially horses. One cannot stay attached to one place. You have a nomadic soul. When you go to visit distant places you will learn a profession. You love learning and teaching. Money comes to you from an unexpected places. If the colour of your mole is a bit dark coloured, then you are fond of games based on luck.  You will earn money from these luck based games. You love everything that will enrich your life like travelling and having fun. On the topic of love, you often find yourself between two relationships. You want more of everything. Be cautious with your heart, eyes, and the left rear and front right side of your head. The other name given to the sun by Muslims and the Ottomans was Shams. One of the Ancient people, the Sumerians, gave the sun the name Utu.  The ancient Turks gave the sun the name Sky-God. The Sky God was the creator of visible and invisible living things. They would give their newborn children names which had the meaning of sun. They had a special interest in the boys who were born with the mole which represents the sun. According to beliefs, these children were the heroes of the future. These children have innate capabilities in war games, martial’s sports and horse racing. These features will appear with those who are born the mole which is the sign of the sun. The bearers of the sign of the Sun distinguish themselves through outstanding personalities. They are self-confident, courageous and proud people. They are respected in social surroundings. If the mole, the sun sign, is dark in colour and is similar to a rectangular shape; you are oppressive, selfish, arrogant, overly proud and are egoistic. You see yourself and love yourself. You are harsh, degrading, disrespectful, cruel and mischievous to the people you live with. You push away those who love you. You are keen on games based on luck and living wild. You are created in such a way that you are difficult to manage, at any moment you are ready to cause an incident, you are noble and tenacious. With your maverick and disobedient attitude, you distress those who love you. If you are married, you do not show loyalty to your spouse. Having extramarital affairs causes you to have the material and moral losses. The bearers of the sign of the Sun establish themselves with their work. If they are engaged in arts, they will become famous with their art. If they are an attendant in the army, they will ascend from their position. Whichever occupation they are engaged in, they will provide success in their business. They love the colours yellow and orange. They are Gold jewelry lovers. If the mole the sign of the sun is small and light in colour, they will be a vague stain on the eyes. They suffer from an eye disease colloquially known by the name of the sty. They should be aware against diseases that run in the family. From time to time they complain of low back and knee pain.

 Sifa Avcin


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