The Signs of Star, Moles-Part One



During, ancient civilization times, a lot of importance were given to moles, facial and hand lines. Nowadays, looking at the hand lines and telling the future, still maintains its popularity. Most people will agree and believe that moles placed around our body, such as hand lines, facial lines, facial scars, and moles on the body carry meaning. During, ancient civilization times people used to look at moles on the body, hand and facial lines analyze the character and make predictions for the future. They knew the planets and the constellations as stars. Each star carried secrets about its nature. These people from ancient civilizations believed that the scars and moles on the body were a sign of the stars.  As an example, if the mole is on the individuals head, then they believed that the person would be a warrior, combative and fearless. If this person wanted to get something, want to do something even if it was difficult they would certainly put it to mind and do it. These people (such as those mentioned above) have a strong ability to manage. They carry the spirit of a Soldier. They are fighters. They do not like to be managed, but love to manage themselves. They do not like to take orders, but love to give orders. These people carry the sign of Mars on their heads and their faces. They are open to opportunities, entrepreneurs, courageous, determined and fighters. Before they start each activity, they always say I and then start. You will frequently hear them say such sentences as I will pass, I’m going to make, I would want. They are hasty and impatient. They want to do the things they have put their mind to immediately. Even if it is difficult for them to fulfil these requests, they will tend to accomplish these requests.  They have a tendency to get angry quickly and calm down quickly. It is appropriate to quote that when they get angry it is like; ‘they are burning with fire’.  Their faces turn red. They speak with anger and a high toned voice. They are egotistical. They always put themselves first. If the thing they desired or like belongs to another person, they want it to belong to them. They tend to think about these desired items very often. They are prone to injuries on their faces and heads. They complain of headache, teeth denture, and eye pain. They may use glasses at an early age due to weak eye sight. There are hidden fears in their hearts, instinctively. Some of these fears are the fear of heights, traffic accidents, and the fear of fire hazards. These people who get caught up in such thoughts make themselves nervous. They are honest and quick-witted, speak without thinking, and act without thinking. They do not speak behind someone’s back and do not let others talk about them either.  When they talk, they only speak the truth. They do not know how to smile to ones face and lie. They speak clear without criticizing people’s mistakes and speaking behind their backs, they tell them how they feel, to their face. Because of this, they take on unnecessary troubles. Men, who are affected by the Mars sign, are likely to have moles on their heads and their face, they might become distant with their brother, or stop talking to them at one stage of their lives. They are fond of their mothers and the women in their families. In the subject of love, they give more importance to sexual activities rather than their feelings. They are very flirtatious and can maintain a relationship with three people at once. The relationships they maintain with these people would not be aware of each other. Although such relationships are not too often, from time to time such relationships take place. A mole between the two eyebrows is a sign of the sun. The principal place of the sun is the bottom left of the chest. But sometimes, it can happen on the face between the two eyebrows. The moles between the eyebrows, gives humans the ability of prophecy and to be able to see the future. If you realize your ability and strengthen it; you will learn in advance the events that are going to happen. Another name given to Mars is the star of Merih. The places which Mars passes through will burn and turn into ash. Mars is fierce and violent. If the mole on the face is a little square-shaped, and dark, the intensity of fury and violence of Mars will show. The people, who carry the sign of Mars sign which is a mole on the face, will always feel the powerful energies of Mars. The people whom the Mars star affects are indestructible. They determinedly fight material and moral challenges. Mars is the colour red. Those who are under the effect of this star love the colour red. These people tend to enjoy hot and spicy foods. The illnesses they suffer from are around their head’s, (such as eye, and denture problems) as well as stomach pains. They should take caution towards blood related diseases in advance. If the mole is on the chin, they like the slivery-red colour. They are the lovers of bakery and water products. They give importance to material things and to secure their future. They are devoted to their family and loved ones. They preserve the possessions with moral values, love and compassion. They are Possessors of possessive and accountability. They receive tangible and intangible assets from their family elders. They should be careful in their relations with the opposite sex. They tend to suffer from disorders due to the aggravation of the body from diseases caused by cold stomach aches, and blisters. As they age they may suffer from high eye pressure. If the mole is on the edge of the lip, they are the lovers of red, blue, and light colours. They are enchanting, intelligent and resourceful. There is an innate ability to handicrafts. Their Speeches are impressive and convincing. They sometimes talk unnecessarily and prate. They can be unstable. In the mean time they only get two chances. Because of instability, they cannot decide which one they will choose. They should pay attention to their shoulders and necks. They sometimes find themselves in situations where they fall unfair, because they might find themselves unable to verbally express, exactly what is it that they are trying to articulate.

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