Elizabeth Taylor’s Astrological Portrait (Classik Astrology)

Elizabeth Taylor’s Astrological Portrait (Classic Astrology)


Elizabeth Taylor’s Astrological Portrait (Classic Astrology)


Elizabeth Taylor


The famous Elizabeth Taylor with her violet eyes and Mars signalling mole on her cheek was born in London on the 27 February 1932. Her birth falls into the ascending Sagittarius, which belongs to Pisces, was at the 7 degrees Sun. This famous person was born when the Sun was rotating 7 degrees to Pisces and Mars, a mole mark on her cheek, advances 1 degree to Pisces and conjoins the Sun. The signal of Mars appears as a mole on her face. The conjunction between the Mars and Sun on Elizabeth’s map is supported by the fixed star, Formal Haut. The fixed star, Formal Haut is link to Mercury and Venus in character (some sources mention Neptune, too). It represents fame, distinction, success and leadership. In her lifetime Elizabeth Taylor left a mark with her beauty, sexual appeal, violet eyes, marriages and her cheek mole signalling Mars. The star, Formal Hault, is positioned at the conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Mercury. On the map 4. the conjunction is the first decan of Pisces. According to the limits of Ptolemaios this decan is confined within the boundaries of Venus. On the map Venus is 17 degrees to Aries in the 5th House and the point of fortune is positioned at the conjunction of Past of Fortune.


The fixed star, Alpheratz, is positioned at the conjunction of Past of Fortune. This star carries the characteristics of Venus and Jupiter. The conjunction of the fixed star, Alpheratz, with its point of fortune brings luck based on: grace, beauty, charm and artistic talents, leading to fame. Elizabeth Taylor’s fame had spread all over the world. Everyone knew her. Some women fell under her influence so much that they imitated her hairstyle, clothing style and put on a fake mole to be like her. She was men’s favourite woman, the one they dreamed about. They looked to find a trace of her every time they fell in love. Alpheratz, the fixed star, conjoins with Past of Fortune and holds a strong link with Venus and Mercury by being 17 degrees in conjunction with them. This strong link is formed according to Aries’s Ptolemaios limits, confined within the boundaries of Mercury. This conjunction and powerful link is achieved at the 2nd decan of Aries. This decan is under Leo’s management and controlled by the Sun. The conjoining between Uranus and Venus points to forbidden love and having relationships and children outside wedlock. People bearing this planet’s energy are noticed through their appearances, lifestyles and with impulsive behaviours. Its ruler Mars is also its point of fortune, and is confined within the limits of Venus as Pisces positioning at the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury. Mars’s sign appears as a mole on the right cheek. The sign of Mars on the face directs towards Aries’s point of fortune. The point of fortune is subjected to the conjunction between Venus and Uranus in the 5th House. People born at this astrological positioning obtain God-like abilities. These abilities are: cinema, theatre artistry, creativity and using God’s ability of self-creation. When Elizabeth was a 9 year old child her God like abilities were discovered.  The first film was made when she was 10 years old. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful and charming women of her period. She was talked about with her marriages, love-affairs, jewellery films she made, her gorgeous violet eyes but most importantly with her mole mark as the sign of Mars. The mole on the cheek belongs to Mars, and on the map placed at the sensitive Degree 1 of Pisces, at the conjunction between Mercury and Sun. Mars directs Aries’s Fortune point at the 5th House. The Sun: identity, life, recognition and fame. The Mars: passionate love affairs, sexual appeal and deep, burning and consuming sexual cravings. The ruler of the mole on the face is Mars (point of future), it is also the ruler of Past of Fortune. At this point it is positioned at the conjunction between Venus and Uranus and at the decan of Aries and Leo. This decan is influenced by the Sun. The ruler of the mole on the face, Mars, puts into position these planets. On the map Mars governs Scorpius in the 12th House. Scorpius is the horoscope of: sex, passions, desires, charms, deep emotions and burning and destructive love affairs. Mars, which is in the 12th House and under Scorpio’s governance, emphasises on secret, passionate and painful love affairs. The ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is at the 8th House Cancer. These positions point to bonding with the beloved through telepathic connection and to love the beloved with fleshless spiritual passion. People belonging to this planetary position are devoted to their beloved ones, even if they are physical separate. They experience their love from within their inner world. People with this strength may feel the invisible powers beside them and discover hidden secrets belonging to the spiritual world. This planetary energy points to medium talents one has from birth. People with this planetary energy tend to lose their dear ones. However, these people who lose their beloved ones, due to death, always feel their presences and maintain spiritual communication with them. In her biography, it mentions how Elizabeth had spoken with her deceased husband after losing him in a plane crash. People who fell in love with her realised how one moment she would be like an innocent angel and the next like a seductive fiend. Elizabeth Taylor had an extraordinary sexual appeal, unique beauty and a mysterious charm that was immediately recognized. She had an innate queen spirit. Guys were struck with admiration and died for her. She was a queen.  She reflected her inner queen spirit in her movies, attitude and by being coquet, proud and bossy in character. She was surrounded by admirers, love affairs and the media. Her every move caused an event. Mars, which gave her the mole mark, was in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury. This conjunction indicated falling in love frequently, to adore love and to be fond of love adventures. With her love affairs Elizabeth Taylor was always topical. This planetary energy came to life when Pisces was confined within the limits of Venus, and taken shape with Neptune’s romance and sentimental energies and with Mars’ occasional clumsiness (Neptune gains great strength from Pisces’ first decan. Mars is within the limits of Mercury, Venus and the Sun and is governed by Neptune. The planets within the limits of Venus and form Neptune like energies such as: pain of love, separation, disappointments and self-pity. This planetary position points to: forbidden love affair with someone, disloyalty, indecision, to be influenced and have love affairs with different people simultaneously in different places. Elizabeth had many lovers. Despite being married she had other love affairs. She fell in love with the actors she performed with at the films, and they also responded to her love. The actress carrying the sign of Mars on her right cheek was sexy, extraordinarily charming and had a unique beauty. With her strong charm she intoxicated the opposite sex. She pulled the opposite sex like a magnetic force. As she influenced the opposite sex she got influenced by them too. Behind the sexy and charming appearance she had childish innocence hidden no one was able to see or understand. A child who wants to be spoiled and loved. As a bearer of Venus’s spirit she was deeply fond of love and moments of romance. The conjunction of the planets related to Pisces, which is governed by Neptune and placed within the limits of Venus, leads to; separation, emotional pain and undesired damaging habits. The famous actress had love affairs outside wedlock and married and separated 8 times. At some point, she married, got separated and remarried with Ricart Burton. With the famous actor she had a passionate, sensual and envious love affair. At one stage of her life, the actress drifted towards alcohol and tried to find consolation in drinking. She drank either out happiness or sadness because of emotional pain. She became an alcoholic and had to be treated. She had many surgeries. In 2004 she was in a wheel chair. Pisces in Mars may relate to surgeries, hospitals, foot aches, choking fish-bone and the occasional stroke. In her time, the famous actress left an inerasable trace with her beauty and the movies she took part in. Neptune, at the 10th House and Virgo, and points to spiritual rewards. The actress who won the Oscar twice passed away at the age of 79 on the 23 March 2011 in Los Angeles, U.S.




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